Difference between initial and final value

Under the performance calculation tab,
If i calculate the difference between my Initial value and Final value for 2022 and substract my performance neutral Transfers the value I get a value which is not recreatable in anyway by combining CG, RCG, earnings, fees and taxes.

Can anyone explain how this could be?
Are some stats not displayed?

You did calculate final–initial–neutral, not initial–final–neutral, yes? This value is called delta in PP.

The delta is supposed to be RGC+CG+earnings+forex–fees–taxes. A slight difference is possible due to rounding errors in the CG and RCG calculations.

Yeah i checked for other years and the math pans out for those.

if i sum (rcg + cg + earnings) and substract (fees +taxes) my delta should be around negative 300, but it shows + 10 in the calculation. However the final portfolio value in 2022 is correct.

I did work before with two accounts and merged those by transfering funds and shares between then, but those numbers are also even.

Difficult to do any further analysis without having the file. You could try reducing the reporting period (first to half-years, then to quarters, then to months, …) to pin down when the discrepancy occurs. Remember that “from – to” reporting periods are exclusive of the from date, so non-overlapping periods are to be specified as 2021-12-31 to 2022-01-31, 2022-01-31 to 2022-02-28, etc.