Different time period per chart

Hello community,

First I want to say that I’m really impressed with PP. Such a great software. I was playing with various charts - view and adding benchmark to them.

Would it be possible to have per view time period, rather than one for all views?

For example I have View Equity and benchmark MSCI All-Country World Equity Index and another view Real Estate and benchmark FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Net Tri. However I want Equity view to start from for example 2000 and Real Estate from 2019. Now each time I need to change time period and is for all views not per individual chart

You can include diagrams in a dashboard. There, you can permanently assign different time periods to different diagrams.

Is is a workaround, however in dashboard I can only change collumn width not collumn high. Resulting in very streach chart, not full page.