Dividend paid in security/stock, Dividend Reinvestment plan (DRIP)

I was wondering if it was possible to DRIP , I gotta put a dividend on the stock but sometimes the cost it isn’t equal , if there was a dividend or interest that you get paid in shares. Useful too on crypto since I get interest in crypto paid in coins and that value tends to differ.

Dear Goncalo_Barreira,

if I get you right you are referring to dividends which are paid in form of securities rather than in form of a currency.
In PP such payments would be realized as receiving dividends in money and a purchase of the corresponding security.

I hope this helps

Hey , Ive been doing that but sometimes for cryptos and stocks the price that the dividend (paid in securities) doesn’t correspond because when buying the security for the drip tends to be in extended hours and that price and I can’t have with the quotes given since those aren’t considered open, and in cryptos its always hard to get the price right.