Dividends expanded view is unnecessary


In the past versions of PP, when selecting Payments → Dividends, you could click on a year and see only that year’s dividend income. Now you see all dividend income from all securities for all years, regardless of where you click.
I would really prefer the old view, as this one is unnecessary and confusing. There is really no need for an overview for all securities and all years, as there is already an Overview tab for exactly that. In addition, the dividend popup is cluttered with zeroes from all the past year securities I no longer own.

Is there any way to fix it? Is it a bug or an intended downgrade?

Hi @u8601,

there was no such change. I think you may only changed the date filter on the top right. Your intended filter should be this year.

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If you disable the security in the according security settings, you could choose via the gear icon at the upper right side to summarise those disabled once (one line instead many).

Last week, when I set the filter to “since 2020”, I could click on 2022 and saw only non-zero dividends for 2022. Now I set the filter to “since 2020” and see all dividends for 2022, as well as zeroes for 2020, 2021 and 2023-exclusive securities.
Now that I test it, this behaviour is exactly the same for Interest, Earnings, Taxes and Fees tabs - lots of zeroes.

I appreciate the answer, but clearly something has changed in the meantime.

I assume the below change is might be the root cause for your irritation:

:sunny: New & Noteworthy:

Maybe it does make sense to remove the single table view, as the chart view combines now the chart and table values at one tab :thinking:

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Interesting! I don’t have the information pane enabled for the Payments tab, so this change was not immediately apparent to me.

In fact, a lot of these “improvements” have sadly been a downgrade for me, as you might surmise from my post history. Is it possible to roll back to the previous version of the program? I know it’s possible to disable the updates after that.

Well, all released versions are available for download at https://github.com/buchen/portfolio/releases.

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Perfect, thank you.

you have to click on pass that can be very annoying because the detailed list is not updated automatically.
Here is an example, maybe this is also a bug.

Works as intended so far.

So again, just to clarify for everyone:

I am NOT talking about the panel at the bottom, aka the information pane, aka “Ctrl+L”/“Command+L” panel.
I am talking about the popup window near the cursor.
After looking through the linked topic, it seems that the behaviour of the information pane is linked to the behaviour of the popup window, and maybe they should not be. So I will leave my observations here, wait and see.

Fair point. I recently added all years to the tooltip (also because of a user request). But I see your point: the tooltip significantly clutters the selected year with instruments that are not relevant for the current year. Let me see how I can separate the two things better: the tooltip and the bottom pane. Thanks for sharing the feedback.

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Thanks Andreas, and thank you for the program. I think I have such a strong reaction whenever something inconvenient like this appears because Portfolio Performance is already so much better than any competitor.
Would love to see the tooltip and the bottom pane separated for the years tab (maybe also for quarters/months?).