☀ New & Noteworthy

Version 0.64.0 / 17 June 2023

New: Annual overview of earnings (dividends and interest) with distributions per month

Under “Payments” there is a new overview of monthly postings. Usually you select dividends or interest payments, but of course this works for all transactions like taxes and fees as well.

In the lower information area you will see the matching entries when you click on a month. You can open the information area as before with Ctrl-L or Command-L (depending on the operating system). The bookings are also shown in the tooltip when you move the mouse over the month.

The information area can also be opened via the menu:

Improvement: tooltip at the yields use the whole screen and always show the total line

With a lot of dividends and interest, the previous tooltip did not behave well. With this version, the tooltip uses the whole screen to show as much data as possible. And if this is still not enough, the tooltip will make sure that the sum row will be displayed in any case.

In addition, the details are also displayed at the bottom of the information area. This list is then complete, can be sorted, and has context menus to trigger further actions.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • New: Update of the Eclipse framework to version 2022-06
  • Improvement of the PDF importers: Santander Consumer Bank, FlaTex, Selfwealth FNZ, sBroker
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where PP did not remember the last import directory correctly under Windows