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Version 0.58.5 / 19 June 2022

New: Discreet Mode hides valuation

With the discreet mode absolute amounts in the table and diagrams are hidden. This makes it easier to post a screenshot with a problem in the forum. Or to exchange information about the asset allocation without directly sharing the total value of the portfolio.

The mode can be activated via the menu Display → Options. Or via Ctrl-G / Cmd-G (G like “Go”) with which you can also quickly jump between views.

Other Improvements

  • Improvement: Search for securities also searches on Finnhub.io (if API key is configured in preferences)
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Comdirect, Baader Bank, DKB, VR-Bank

Other bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixes the error message ‘assertion failed. label provider instance already in use’.
  • Fix: Exchange rate from German Mark to EUR corrected to 1.95583 to 5 decimal places
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with too short connect and response timeouts when loading historical prices
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the formatting of exchange rates with certain country settings

Version 0.59.0 / 17 July 2022

This update includes the necessary updates to the PDF Importer and various bug fixes. In addition @dev-investor has built two small features - many thanks.

New: Widget for trading activity can now also group by years

More features to get an overview of trading activity:

You can select the diagram type in the context menu:

New: Widget to capture notes on the dashboard.

Capture simple notes on the dashboard:

The widget is added via the context menu:


  • Improvement: Search for securities uses Finnhub and EOB Historical Data (if an API key is configured)
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DeGiro, Consorsbank, Trade Republic, OnVista, Postfinance, WIR Bank, Flatex
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where links from the table were no longer opened in the browser
  • Fix: Widget for trading activity shows numbers despite enabled discrete mode
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where the label in the trading activity widget was not updated immediately

Version 0.59.1 / 22 August 2022

A “Summer Edition” - not as hot as August itself. Many thanks to @dev-investor who contributed some new feature :clap:

Distance to All Time High (ATH) as a column and dashboard widget.

Both on the dashboard and in the asset statement you can view the distance to the All Time High (ATH) of a security. By selecting a time period you can customize the analysis to your needs: ATH since the Corona crisis, etc.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.33.06

‘Fees’ and ‘Accumulated fees’ as data series in the statement of assets and liabilities.

You can add the two new data series “Fees” and “Fees (Accumulated)” to the chart in the Statement of Assets.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.33.30

Browser Dashboard widget - embed any web page

With this widget you can embed a web page on the Dashboard. The feature is experimental for now - let’s see what ideas you come up with. Browser support depends on the operating system. Especially under Linux (unfortunately) problems are reported again and again, but the underlying SWT framework has to solve them.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.34.14

Widget with the current price of a security

The widget displays the current price of a security:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.34.37

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Option to show or hide the Y axis in charts on the dashboard
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Baader Bank, Tiger Brokers, Hellobank, Consorsbank, UBS, Ebase, Easybank, DeGiro
  • Fix: time grid in the area chart of classifications fixed

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Version 0.59.2 / 8 October 2022

This update mainly includes the updated PDF Importer. Thanks to @Nirus et al. :clap:

  • New: Translation to Slovak
  • Improvement: New setting: Always show currency (= do not omit currency for report currency)
  • Improvement: Expand/collapse all entries of the assets statement via menu
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DKB, Erste Bank, Selfwealth Limited, Degiro, DZ Bank, DAB, S Broker, Wir Bank, Open Bank SA, Postbank, Quirin, Banque Pictet & Cie, Hargreaves Landsdown, Flatex, Baader Bank
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Version 0.59.3 / 6 November 2022

For most people this is a normal update - the PDF importers are updated.

Currently there is a problem when updating to macOS Ventura on an Intel machines. Then the default pie charts do not work anymore because the embedded browser crashes. With this version the SWTChart pie charts are used as a fallback. They don’t look so pretty, but at least they work.

  • Fix: SWTChart pie charts on macOS Ventura on Intel as default
  • New: Yuh PDF Importer
  • Improvement of PDF Importers: Open Bank SA, ING DiBa, Tiger Brokers, Postbank,

Version 0.59.4 / 20 November 2022

Pie charts under macOS Ventura (Intel) still do not work. The problem seems to be the embedded browser. I am watching the error message on WebKit. With this version, the label placement inside the pie chart is improved (for the SWTChart library)

New: Dashboard widget ‘Ratio’.

The new widget by RomanLangrehr allows you to put two assets or classifications in ratio. In the example here, the securities classified as “equity” to the total portfolio.

Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-20 um 18.07.14

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: pie chart labeling improved (SWTChart library - alternative on Linux/macOS Ventura Intel)
  • Improvement: Update of Eurostat URL for inflation data
  • Improvement: ‘+’ next to the max drawdown if the period continues
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DKB, ING, FlatEx, Easybank, DADAT