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Version 0.58.5 / 19 June 2022

New: Discreet Mode hides valuation

With the discreet mode absolute amounts in the table and diagrams are hidden. This makes it easier to post a screenshot with a problem in the forum. Or to exchange information about the asset allocation without directly sharing the total value of the portfolio.

The mode can be activated via the menu Display → Options. Or via Ctrl-G / Cmd-G (G like “Go”) with which you can also quickly jump between views.

Other Improvements

  • Improvement: Search for securities also searches on Finnhub.io (if API key is configured in preferences)
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Comdirect, Baader Bank, DKB, VR-Bank

Other bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixes the error message ‘assertion failed. label provider instance already in use’.
  • Fix: Exchange rate from German Mark to EUR corrected to 1.95583 to 5 decimal places
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with too short connect and response timeouts when loading historical prices
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the formatting of exchange rates with certain country settings

Version 0.59.0 / 17 July 2022

This update includes the necessary updates to the PDF Importer and various bug fixes. In addition @dev-investor has built two small features - many thanks.

New: Widget for trading activity can now also group by years

More features to get an overview of trading activity:

You can select the diagram type in the context menu:

New: Widget to capture notes on the dashboard.

Capture simple notes on the dashboard:

The widget is added via the context menu:


  • Improvement: Search for securities uses Finnhub and EOB Historical Data (if an API key is configured)
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DeGiro, Consorsbank, Trade Republic, OnVista, Postfinance, WIR Bank, Flatex
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where links from the table were no longer opened in the browser
  • Fix: Widget for trading activity shows numbers despite enabled discrete mode
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where the label in the trading activity widget was not updated immediately

Version 0.59.1 / 22 August 2022

A “Summer Edition” - not as hot as August itself. Many thanks to @dev-investor who contributed some new feature :clap:

Distance to All Time High (ATH) as a column and dashboard widget.

Both on the dashboard and in the asset statement you can view the distance to the All Time High (ATH) of a security. By selecting a time period you can customize the analysis to your needs: ATH since the Corona crisis, etc.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.33.06

‘Fees’ and ‘Accumulated fees’ as data series in the statement of assets and liabilities.

You can add the two new data series “Fees” and “Fees (Accumulated)” to the chart in the Statement of Assets.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.33.30

Browser Dashboard widget - embed any web page

With this widget you can embed a web page on the Dashboard. The feature is experimental for now - let’s see what ideas you come up with. Browser support depends on the operating system. Especially under Linux (unfortunately) problems are reported again and again, but the underlying SWT framework has to solve them.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.34.14

Widget with the current price of a security

The widget displays the current price of a security:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 18.34.37

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Option to show or hide the Y axis in charts on the dashboard
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Baader Bank, Tiger Brokers, Hellobank, Consorsbank, UBS, Ebase, Easybank, DeGiro
  • Fix: time grid in the area chart of classifications fixed

Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)

Version 0.59.2 / 8 October 2022

This update mainly includes the updated PDF Importer. Thanks to @Nirus et al. :clap:

  • New: Translation to Slovak
  • Improvement: New setting: Always show currency (= do not omit currency for report currency)
  • Improvement: Expand/collapse all entries of the assets statement via menu
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DKB, Erste Bank, Selfwealth Limited, Degiro, DZ Bank, DAB, S Broker, Wir Bank, Open Bank SA, Postbank, Quirin, Banque Pictet & Cie, Hargreaves Landsdown, Flatex, Baader Bank
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Version 0.59.3 / 6 November 2022

For most people this is a normal update - the PDF importers are updated.

Currently there is a problem when updating to macOS Ventura on an Intel machines. Then the default pie charts do not work anymore because the embedded browser crashes. With this version the SWTChart pie charts are used as a fallback. They don’t look so pretty, but at least they work.

  • Fix: SWTChart pie charts on macOS Ventura on Intel as default
  • New: Yuh PDF Importer
  • Improvement of PDF Importers: Open Bank SA, ING DiBa, Tiger Brokers, Postbank,

Version 0.59.4 / 20 November 2022

Pie charts under macOS Ventura (Intel) still do not work. The problem seems to be the embedded browser. I am watching the error message on WebKit. With this version, the label placement inside the pie chart is improved (for the SWTChart library)

New: Dashboard widget ‘Ratio’.

The new widget by RomanLangrehr allows you to put two assets or classifications in ratio. In the example here, the securities classified as “equity” to the total portfolio.

Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-20 um 18.07.14

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: pie chart labeling improved (SWTChart library - alternative on Linux/macOS Ventura Intel)
  • Improvement: Update of Eurostat URL for inflation data
  • Improvement: ‘+’ next to the max drawdown if the period continues
  • Improvement of PDF importers: DKB, ING, FlatEx, Easybank, DADAT

Version 0.59.5 / 4 December 2022

New: Portfolio Performance in Polish :poland:

With this update, Portfolio Performance is also translated to Polish. Many thanks to Marcin Wichtowski and Arkadiusz Wojtowicz for this.

When I add new texts or captions, I use DeepL to generate the translations. The artificial intelligence is already pretty good, but every now and then wrong translations slip through. I appreciate any corrections - either on report github (or correct it yourself directly :wink:) or on POEditor maintain the translation or also by email to portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com.

New: Simplified creation of cryptocurrencies

With some restrictions, you can also manage your cryptocurrencies in PP. In principle, you create a security that is supplied with the prices of the cryptocurrency. This also explains one of the limitations: you can track the value, but you can’t use it like a currency and exchange between cryptocurrencies or receive payments.

Further improvements and bug fixes

  • Further optimization on pie charts (SWTChart library).
  • CoinGecko provider considered rate limit
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Postbank, Weberbank, 1822 Direkt, Raifeisenbank, VividMoney, Baader Bank, DKB, Degiro
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Version 0.60.0 / 18 December 2022

New: Pie charts on the dashboard (holdings, taxonomies)

With this version you can add pie charts to the dashboard. There are the holdings or a taxonomy (for example, the investment categories or your rebalancing classification).

To the pie chart, right click at the bottom of the empty area of a column and New WidgetStatement of AssetsStatement of Assets - Holdings or Taxonomies.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: trading calendar updated (LSE, NYSE, SIX/SWX) - thanks to @chirlu!
  • Improvement: View trading calendar for for any years in settings.
  • Improvement: Display of ‘p.a.’ (per annum) on the dashboard via the settings possible
  • Improvement of PDF importers: ING DiBa, Baaderbank, OnVista, TradeRepublic, DADAT Bankenhaus, KBC Group NV, Postbank, DAB, Degiro, Consorsbank, Easybank, DKB - Thanks to @Nirus!
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where different data series with identical names were not displayed
  • Fix: Fixes a problem when importing multiple PDF files sorted by date
  • Fix: Fixes several minor problems with the SWTChart pie charts (proportions below 1 degree, colors of the pie pieces)
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Version 0.60.1 / 29 December 2022

I wish everyone a happy new year. This version contains mainly bug fixes that have accumulated. I hope there is a bug that annoyed you :wink:

  • Improvement: Direct navigation from Dashboard diagram to the underlying view
  • Improvement of PDF Importer: MLP Bank
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where the heatmaps with monthly returns or investments were not recalculated after a change of the reporting currency
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where the tooltip in the pie chart did not show the classification if the security was split between multiple classifications
  • Fix: fixes a problem where notes on an account were not displayed when the statement of assets was filtered
  • Fix: fixes a problem with the sorting of names containing special characters or umlauts
  • Fix: Fixes a problem when totaling payments per quarter or per year when the option “only one year” was selected in the monthly view
  • Fix: fixes a problem when a filter is selected for the donut chart of classifications on the dashboard
  • Fix: Fixes a problem when calculating the internal rate of return if the period contains very long (> 10 years) “blank spaces”

Version 0.60.2 / 11 January 2023

A couple more small bug fixes…

  • Improvement of PDF importers: Simpel S.A., 1822 Direkt, Easybank AG, Baader Bank, Yuh, Degiro, Wealthsimple, Bondora
  • New: Trading calendar of the Brazilian stock exchange
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the calculation of the IRR if there is no valuation or transaction in the given reporting period
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with CSV export of chart data: instead of the security name an internal GUID was displayed

Version 0.61.0 / 5 February 2023

This update updates PP to Java 17 and Eclipse 2022-12. The online update may take longer. If you have problems with the permissions in the file system under Windows, I recommend you to reinstall PP with the Windows Installer.

New: Chinese translation

Many thanks to Jiahao Li for the translation. Currently there are over 2200 terms to translate - and more are added all the time.

New: Filter under “All transactions”

Looking for a specific transaction? There are now more detailed filters under “All bookings”. Many thanks to @RomanLangrehr for the enhancement.

And other improvements

  • Improved PDF importers: Smartbroker, Vanguard, FlatEx, sbroker, DKB, Trade Republic, EBase, comdirect, ING, Postbank, Raiffeisenbank, Consorsbank, Degiro, Tiger Brokers, Lime Trading Corp, Yuh, Quirin - as always many thanks to @Nirus for the many enhancements
  • Fix: Bookmarks are now sorted by language, respecting the umlaut
  • Fix: Improved error message if a “Description” widget does not contain valid HTML

Version 0.61.1 / 21 February 2023

I love open source. With this version (hopefully) some bugs are fixed that we could find by working together on the code and in the forum. The deadlock is hopefully fixed - but I need your confirmation on that. The CSV data is also exported correctly for postings - very strange bug. And also NAS should respect the write lock and not corrupt the files anymore.

New: Translation into Danish

Thank you very much Arthur Madsen!

More improvements

  • New: Context menu to duplicate a security
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Tiger Broker, DKB, Consorsbank, Degiro, ING, Baader Bank, Suresse Direkt Bank, OnVista
  • Improvement: Open bookmarks for up to 10 securities
  • Improvement: When saving the file, a file lock is set so that network-attached storage (NAS) does not synchronize the file too early

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixes (hopefully) a deadlock when importing PDF files
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where wrong (old) date values were exported when exporting CSV files
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where fees were not taken into account when viewing before taxes
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with colored texts that could not be read by a screen reader
  • Fix: fixes a problem where table rows were not displayed when resizing the window
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with missing line breaks in tooltips for note fields

Version 0.61.2 / 22 February 2023

  • Fix: Removes file locking on macOS due to issues with network shares SMB and AFP

Version 0.61.3 / 24 February 2023

  • Fix: Fixes a problem when copying dashboard columns which prevents the file from being saved
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with setting the file lock under Linux for SMB network drives

Version 0.61.4 / 14 March 2023

A couple of improvements - in particular of the PDF document import:

  • Improvement: Multi-national currencies XAF, XCD, XDR, XOF, XPF
  • Improvement: €STR/EONIA as combined quote provider
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Consorsbank, DAB, Dkb, Smartbroker, Easybank, Bondora, Onvista, Targobank

Version 0.62.0 / 1 April 2023

PP turned 11 years old yesterday. Awesome. Thanks to all of you for the many ideas and the patience when it hangs here and there.

New: Performance widget shows the top and bottom 5 positions in the tooltip.

The performance calculation on the dashboard now shows as the tooltip the positions that are responsible for the price gains, returns, etc… If there are many positions, then the top 5 and bottom 5 are displayed.

Other improvements

  • Improvement of PDF importers: FlatEx, sbroker, Deka, Raiffeisenbank, Consorsbank, Bondora, Vanguard, Yuh
  • Improvement: The table of account transactions can be extended by columns with taxes and fees
  • Improvement: New hints why no price chart is shown, e.g. because no quotes exist or because the chart only shows the period for the holdings but there are no holdings
  • Improvement: The JSON quote provider can be configured with a factor that will be applied to the loaded quotes
  • Improvement: Save the last import directories for PDF import, CSV import and CSV export independently
  • Improvement: New date format for CSV import YYYY-MM
  • Improvement: Option to export the security prices in the display currency

Other fixes

  • Fix: Fixes a problem when editing account entries in the table view that led to double display of entries
  • Fix: Fixes a problem when entering new transactions when the “Payments” view contains filtered accounts
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Version 0.62.1 / 7 May 2023

Various improvements - especially for the PDF imports. A big thank you goes to @stoeggich who has provided many sample documents for the Deka and StarMoney Importer. Many thanks :clap: :+1: And of course to @Nirus who has poured the whole thing into code.

  • Improvement of PDF Importers: Merkur Privatbank, Swissquote, ING Diba, StarMoney, FlatEx, Deka, Trade Republic, Baader Bank, sbroker, Raiffeisenbank
  • Improvement: more precise instructions on how to contribute PDF texts to the PDF Importer development
  • Improvement: sorting in the dashboard widget that shows securities whose deadline has been reached
  • Improvement: within the booking dialogs you can now not only add values but also subtract them
  • Fix: fixes a problem with performance calculation when taxes were entered for an interest payment
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the AlphaVantage quote supplier caused by the premium offer
  • Fix: Dialog for opening files note the file extension even on operating systems that distinguish between upper and lower case in file names
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Version 0.63.0+1 / 4 June 2023

New: Dashboard widgets to evaluate earnings (dividends and interest)

On the dashboard there are a few new widgets to get an overview of dividends and interest. New are the small charts by month, quarter and year. In addition, there is a new overview of the bookings. In the dashboard you can interactively switch between years.

In the dialog for creating a new dashboard, you can now also select a template that has a few of the widgets directly in the belly:

New: in the price chart you can optionally display an additional percentage axis

Via the settings, another Y-axis with the percentage changes can be displayed:

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement of PDF importers: PostFinance, Raiffeisenbank, Trade Republic, JustTrade, Stake, DEKA, FlatEx, sBroker, StarMoney, Solarisbank, Erste Bank, Yuh, Swissquote, MerkusPrivatBank, DAB, Baader
  • Enhancement: IB-Flex Query Importer supports more transactions
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where data series were incorrectly marked as "Benchmark

Version 0.64.0 / 17 June 2023

New: Annual overview of earnings (dividends and interest) with distributions per month

Under “Payments” there is a new overview of monthly postings. Usually you select dividends or interest payments, but of course this works for all transactions like taxes and fees as well.

In the lower information area you will see the matching entries when you click on a month. You can open the information area as before with Ctrl-L or Command-L (depending on the operating system). The bookings are also shown in the tooltip when you move the mouse over the month.

The information area can also be opened via the menu:

Improvement: tooltip at the yields use the whole screen and always show the total line

With a lot of dividends and interest, the previous tooltip did not behave well. With this version, the tooltip uses the whole screen to show as much data as possible. And if this is still not enough, the tooltip will make sure that the sum row will be displayed in any case.

In addition, the details are also displayed at the bottom of the information area. This list is then complete, can be sorted, and has context menus to trigger further actions.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • New: Update of the Eclipse framework to version 2022-06
  • Improvement of the PDF importers: Santander Consumer Bank, FlaTex, Selfwealth FNZ, sBroker
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where PP did not remember the last import directory correctly under Windows

Version 0.64.1 / 25 June 2023

Small improvements and fixes

  • Improvement: creation of new objects (securities, classification) from the menu
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Baader Bank, JustTrade
  • Fix: adaptation of translations