☀ New & Noteworthy

Version 0.64.2 (+0.64.3) / 14 July 2023

A summer update with a few new functionalities and bug fixes (Yahoo Finance to download the latest price should work again).

Filter configurations are now stored in the XML file

Filters can be used to group any accounts and deposits together and filter all postings by these accounts only. Previously, these configurations were not stored in the file itself, but in the settings (i.e. the “settings” file). With this update, they will be migrated to the file. This makes it easier to synchronize the configurations between computers and to edit them better (until now you had to re-add a data series based on a filter to the charts after each change - this is no longer necessary).

If you use PP on multiple computers with the same file, the filters will be imported from the computer where the file is opened first with the new version.

New: MACD indicator in the price chart

MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator. User daveln has added MACD as an indicator to PP. Thanks a lot.

New: the Measurement Tool is now active for everyone

Until now, the Measurement Tool was hidden behind the “activate experimental functions” button. It is still slow on some computers, but seems to be good enough for most installations.

In the chart with historical prices, you can activate it via the toolbar or the context menu:

In the other diagrams it is also available from the context menu:

Various improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improvement of PDF importers: LGT Bank, sBroker, Bondora, FlatEx, Trade Republic, Vanguard
  • Improvement: More possibilities to create new instruments (securities, crypto currencies, etc): via keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N, via the (+) symbol next to “Securities” in the page navigation
  • Improvement: Tables from the tooltips remember the column widths
  • Improvement: tooltip for yields per year now contains all years
  • Improvement: columns with the ticker symbol in the classifications
  • Fix: Update of latest price via Yahoo Finance is fixed

Version 0.64.5 / 23 July 2023

A couple fixes and improvements for the PDF importer

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where new securities were mistakenly added to the watchlist of another file.
  • Fix: New securities are now created in the reporting currency when the provider does not provide currency information.
  • Improved PDF importer for GENO, sBroker, FlatEx, FFB, DKB, Deutsche Bank.

Version 0.65.0 / 14 August 2023

Introducing a new “crosshair” tool available in the price charts

The new “Crosshair” tool can be used to mark and evaluate the exact coordinates in the course diagram. Many thanks to @OnkelDok for this (and other) contributions.

Improvements when importing data from PDF documents

  • New: Suggestions of providers for historical prices for freshly imported securities from PDF or CSV files
  • New: Newly recognized securities can be assigned to existing securities during PDF import

The following video shows both features:

  • First, a PDF file is imported. But the security cannot be matched by ISIN, WKN and other properties. In the import dialog you can fix this directly.
  • If a new security is added within the importer, PP now tries to find historical prices for it. In the first step Portfolio Report is used. It searches for ISIN, WKN or ticker symbol.

Pie chart of earnings (dividends, interest) by taxonomy

There is a new widget on the dashboard: the earnings of a period can be displayed grouped by classification in a pie chart. This doesn’t make sense for all taxonomies, but I found it interesting to see how dividends and interest are distributed between risky and non-risky assets.

For example, here is an analysis by region:

The widget can be found under Income → Earnings by taxonomy:

New: Added support for PDF bank documents from Sberbank Europe and BISON

@Nirus continues to expand Importer support: with this release, Sberbank Europe is supported. Many thanks for that.

Also newly added are the info reports of the BISON app. This allows to import the crypto transactions. The cryptocurrency is detected by the symbol ticker. If it is not found, a new cryptocurrency with Coingecko rate supply will be created.

Various improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improvement: Date format is now automatically pre-filled during CSV import based on the current language setting
  • Improvement: CSV import now supports scientific notation for numbers
  • PDF Importer Enhancement: Expanded support for Raiffeisenbank, eBase, FlatEx, Quirion, Geno Broker, LGT Bank, and PostFinance
  • Fix: Tooltip for calculating price gains is now limited to 50 rows
  • Fix: Filter options are now properly applied when opening the list of all transactions
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Version 0.65. 2 / 3 September 2023

For September an update with small improvements and bug fixes. :smile:

  • New Translations: Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Improvement of PDF Importer: Trade Republic, Tiger Brokers, Geno, JustTrade, OnVista, ING Diba
  • Improvement: New option to skip extracting notes from PDF documents
  • Improvement: Alternative symbols for benchmarks in the yield/volatility chart
  • Fix: Fixes truncated labels in dialogs when a larger font size is selected
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the crosshair was not correctly placed in the saved chart

Version 0.65.3 / 4 September 2023

Unfortunately, an issue slipped through. This is the fix. Thanks for reporting and your patience.

  • Fix: Fixes a problem when saving the file with reporting periods configuration embedded in the file

Version 0.65.4 / 7 Oktober 2023

This release includes various improvements and bug fixes. Many thanks to @OnkelDok for identifying and addressing some minor issues. And thank you to @Nirus for the updates in the PDF imports.

  • Improvement: Updated the Eclipse Framework to version 4.29
  • Improvement: Completely redesigned the Comdirect PDF Importer to support all known document types
  • Improvement: The last chosen encoding for importing CSV files will be preselected
  • Improvement: Improved feedback when trying to add securities that already exist
  • Improvement: PDF Importer improvements for various banks: DKB, Vanguard, ebase, FNZ Bank, Wir Bank, Trade Republic, Oldenburgische Landesbank, Deutsche Bank, Baader Bank, DKB, Lime Trading, FlatEx, Geno
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with reduced display of performance calculations on the dashboard
  • Fix: Fixed a NullPointerException issue when classifications do not exist in a file (yet)
  • Fix: Addressed an issue where not all contra entries for an account were displayed in the search
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Version 0.65.5 / 4 November 2023

This is a regular maintenance release: PDF importer updated, some bug fixes, some improvements.

  • New: In the “Trading Activity” widget, you can now filter data by transaction type.
  • Improvement: PDF/CSV import: if multiple securities with the same ISIN, ticker symbol, or WKN exist, transactions will still be imported if only one security is active.
  • Improvement: New filter in “All Transactions” to display only inbound deliveries or only outbound deliveries.
  • Improvement: Optimized colors of additional information in the price chart for dark mode.
  • PDF Importer improvements: comdirect, Baader Bank, Trade Republic, Tiger Brokers, Oldenburgische Landesbank, Lime Trading, SBroker, WIR Bank, FlatEx, DKB.
  • Fix: Resolves an issue where tooltips were not displayed depending on the arrangement of multiple monitors.
  • Fix: Resolves an issue with the display of the Return/Volatility chart when the performance of a position is infinite.
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Version 0.56.6 / 11 November 2023

New: Display the number of shares held in the historical price chart

There is a new data series “shares” in the historical price chart - it shows the number of shares held over time. Have you ever reduced your position before the price really took off? Or increased the position before a phase of sideways movement? It’s not just about when you invest, but also how much.

Various improvements and fixes

  • Improvement of the PDF importer: Baader Bank, WIR, VIAC, Oldenburgische Landesbank
  • Fix: Fixes an problem with IllegalArgumentException errors when displaying investements and dividends

Version 0.66.0 / 12 December 2023

A new version with various small improvements and bug fixes.

Tool tip of the Price Chart

In the price chart, the tooltip now displays the last value if there is no other value on that day. This eliminates the need to precisely pinpoint the buying or selling time in the FIFO or inventory data series.

Icon images under Windows now have improved transparency

Until now, icons under Windows always had a white background. With this version, PP uses a different library to manipulate the images. This should make the icons look better. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the icons that you have already integrated.

The tooltip in the chart legend shows the ISIN, WKN, and ticker symbol of the security

The legend of the charts now shows more information: either the details of the security or the full path of the classification.

Various Improvements

  • Improvement: Accounts with transactions can no longer be deleted. Transactions are required for historic calculations.
  • Improvement: In the “Payments” overview, transactions now also include the closing transaction of a trade.
  • PDF Importer Improvement: Trade Republic, OLB, Baader Bank, Comdirect.


  • Fix: Resolves a rounding issue in calculating the average of investments or earnings.
  • Fix: Finnhub has transitioned the API for historical prices to a premium subscription. Currently, at least partially, current prices are still available for free.
  • Fix: Resolves a performance issue in displaying historical security prices.
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Version 0.66.2 / 13 December 2023

As some of you may have noticed, two unpleasant bugs had crept into this version. With the first fix you could edit the dividends again. With this update, the added ICO images should now also be displayed again.

Thank you for your patience!

Version 0.67.0 / 30 December 2023

Just before the end of the year, here’s another update. With this version, the Eclipse Framework is updated, which means the update might take a bit longer and it might be necessary to start PP twice.

Additionally, @ggrossbe has written a PDF Importer for Fidelity International. And @Nirus has recharged his energy while skiing and then, alongside many updates, has written importers for AJ Bell Securities Limited, Findependent AG, Liechtensteinische Landesbank, and Aviva PLC. :clap: :clap:


  • New: Update to Eclipse Version 4.30 (Release 2023-12)
  • New: PDF Importer for AJ Bell Securities Limited
  • New: PDF Importer for Findependent AG
  • New: PDF Importer for Fidelity International
  • New: PDF Importer for Liechtensteinische Landesbank
  • New: PDF Importer for Aviva PLC
  • Improvement: New data series ‘Taxes’ in the asset chart (in addition to the already existing data series ‘accumulated taxes’)
  • Improvement of the PDF Importer: DZ Bank, FlatEx, Baader Bank, V Bank, ComDirect, DKB, FNZ Bank, Trade Republic, Deutsche Bank


  • Fix: Fixes an issue if the user deletes the value for dividend per share in the input dialog.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the information pane could not be fully collapsed by dragging.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue with the display of special characters in the performance tooltip and in the master data infobox.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue with the display of tooltips under macOS when the Control key is pressed.
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Version 0.67.1 / 8 January 2024

Maintenance release with new and updated PDF Importer.

  • New: PDF Importer for Gladbacher Bank
  • New: PDF Importer for Directa SIM
  • New: PDF Importer for Barclays credit card statements (withdrawals only)
  • New: Update of the security name via Portfolio Report when a security is imported via CSV without a name
  • Improvement of the PDF Importer: Erste Bank, Baader Bank, Consorsbank, ING DiBa, comdirect, OLB, DKB, Trade Republic, FlatEx, Geno Broker, DADAT Bankenhaus

Version 0.67.2 / 28 January 2024

Not sure if you noticed, but the English manual has grown considerable. Big thanks to @hug-sch. Make sure you check it out and provider feedback.

New: 2 new widgets with the heatmap of monthly taxes or fees

In addition to the updates for the PDF importers, there are also two small new features. There are two new widgets with the heatmap of monthly taxes and fees. For now, the entries can be found under ‘Trades’ – ‘Common’ seemed too common to me.

Other improvements and fixes

  • New: PDF importer for Computershare, J&T Direktbank, AKF Bank
  • Improvement of the PDF importer: Barclays, Renault Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Gladbacher Bank, Baader Bank, sBroker, Vanguard, eBase, Postbank, ING DiBa, Trade Republic, Directa SIM, DAB, DADAT, JustTrade, Kreissparkasse, Quirin
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with deleting widgets of the type “Description”
  • Fix: Updates the CoinGecko call frequency to avoid hitting the limit of the free plan
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Version 0.67.3 / 1 February 204

One bug fix, one improvement :smile:

  • Fix: Adjustment of the Credit Suisse price feed to the new server API for historical prices
  • Improvement: Minor adjustment in determining the font color based on the background to improve readability

Version 0.68.0 / 8 March 2024

A new version for March. :smile: What I’m particularly pleased about are the activities in the translations - the Spanish and Dutch translations have been revised and brought up to date. Of course @Nirus and others have updated the PDF importers. And then I’m happy that we were able to fix a few hard-to-find bugs, e.g. with the dark mode at startup.

New: Stacked area chart with the valuation of individual categories of a taxonomy

Github user @mierin12 has added a stacked diagram with the values of the individual categories to the taxonomy view. Previously, you could view the percentage distribution. Now also with the total valuation.

More features and improvements

  • New: Bank11 PDF Importer
  • Improvement: Simplified definition of the number format in CSV import by simply selecting the decimal separator
  • Improvement: New bookmarks for aktien.guide and aktienfinder.net
  • Improvement of the PDF importers: Postbank, eBase, Trade Republic, AKF Bank, J&T Direktbank, comdirect, Raiffeisenbank, ING DiBa, Renault Bank, Onvista, Merkurbank, Flatex, Bondora Go & Grow, sBroker, DKB, PostFinance
  • Improvement: “Save” and “Save as” with simplified options

More bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixes an issue with the display of the MACD when insufficient historical prices are available for calculation
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the dark theme when the app starts in the operating system’s dark mode
  • Fix: Fixes translation issues with terms containing an apostrophe
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with the line break of notes at 80 characters for display in the tooltip
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where transactions without a date were saved in the file
  • Fix: Respects the “Show labels” flag even when using vertical marker lines in the price chart
  • Fix: Improved localization of the Kommer example file

Version 0.68.1 / 9 März 2024

A small update - above all the unfortunate (sorry) color changes are undone.

  • Fix: Reverts the color changes in the dark theme back to the previous colors with better contrast.
  • Fix: Consorsbank PDF-Importer

Version 0.68.2 / 14 March 2024

This version fixes a problem where the ‘source’ information of purchase bookings could be lost in binary format.

Please report if you need support to read the “source” from the previous XML version and restore it to binary format.

Version 0.68.3 / 24 March 2024

  • Introduced new PDF importer for Sunrise Securities and Advanzia Bank.
  • Enhanced PDF importers for LGT Bank, Trade Republic, KBC Group NV, Merkur Privatbank, OLB, Open Bank, DAB, Raiffeisenbank, AKF Bank, Barclay, Consorsbank, UBS, FlatEx, DKB.
  • Corrected dividend marker positioning in charts.
  • Adjusted stock split dialog layout for better translation support.
  • Improved readability by fixing selected tab color on Windows.
  • Added utility to merge ‘source’ attribute from an external file into the current file.
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Version 0.68.4 / 28 April 2024

New: Change data series for all widgets in a column at once

You can now change the data series relatively easily via Apply to all > Data series > Select data series. This applies to all widgets that can process exactly one data series. If the widget supports several data series at the same time, the configuration is not changed by this menu.

New: Added a search field in the list of trades

Trade not found? Hopefully it will be easier with the search field…

PDF Import

  • New: Introduced a new PDF importer for Bigbank, Arkea Direct Bank, and Radicant Bank AG (BLKB)
  • Improvements to the PDF importers for Consorsbank, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB), ING DiBa, Bondora, SBroker, Baader Bank, OnVista, Swissquote, Merkur Privatbank, Santander Consumer Bank, Weberbank, Trade Republic, Unicredit, Sutor, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Erste Bank, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Simle SA, DAB, LLB, SLM, JustTrade, JTDirektbank, Merkur Privat Bank, UBS, and OLB Bank

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Security logos in the data series selection dialog
  • Improvement: Cache the DivvyDiary server response only when PP has received a valid JSON response
  • Improvement: An optional (paid) CoinGecko API key can be set
  • Fix: Resolves an issue with calculating the ‘Fees’ data series in the asset chart
  • Fix: Resolves an issue where the tooltip displayed the incorrect label for the aggregation
  • Fix: Resolves an issue with displaying the ampersand (&) on the ‘Date Reached’ and ‘Limit Exceeded’ widgets