Dropdown for fees and taxes

Hi everyone, I would like to propose a new feature.

In my case, when I load a new dividend I would like to split the taxes between “Source Tax” and “Destination Tax” because for example in Spain the taxation on this is 19% and the US dividend tax for not residents is 15%

The point is that I would like to have a dropdown with a customizable list of “Fees” and “Taxes”. Each one would like to have different options… and in case you aren’t interested this just can use the default value.


This new feature will be interesting in case you have different types of fees in your broker and also when you need to present your own tax declaration to have an accurate summary.

I hope it looks interesting to some of you.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards!


thanks for your suggestion, which definitely has a valid justification. But it won’t be implemented any time soon.

The point of Portfolio Performance is to track performance, not detailed tracking of taxes and fees. This is precisely why these are only recorded cumulatively, because the detailed basis is completely irrelevant.