Earnings and Expenses don't match transactions


I have encountered a little deviation, but cannot find the rootcause.

Under „reports“ and „earnings and expensens“
I have sorted for;

When looking under „accounts“ and „deposit accounts“
the numbers does not add up to anything near the amount shown under earnings and expenses.

(I pixelated the ones not being „interest“)

When looking at monthly interest, i can narrow it down a bit, but still can’t figure where the numbers origin.

Total for the year should be 300-350.

Is it possible that not just interest but also dividends are included? The value of >900 suggests, that dividends or more accounts might be included. It would be good to see the area above your screenshots to determine, what is selected.

In addition, it would be interesting to know, whether gross or net values are displayed.

In the amount column, values are prefixed with “EUR”. This indicates that the Euro is not your reporting currency. Which is it? By any chance something like one of the various Nordic Crowns, which are about 1:10 compared to the Euro?

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You might be onto something.

I have „Deposit Accounts“ in DKK, USD, EUR.

The DKK are „locked“ towards the euro so it’s always very close to a ratio of 1euro = 7.45 DKK

When i divide 2550 with 7.45 i get 342.xxxxxx This is very close to the correct result!

Thank you!

Is this considered a bug, or is it a feature?

It’s a feature that you can choose the reporting currency. If you change it to Euro, everything will be converted to Euro for the reports.

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This is great!

Thank you a lot!