Earnings Calendar on PP

Dear Community,

Just a “small” idea,

Would you find it useful if Portfolio Performance had a calendar option?
A tab with a monthly calendar where we can create events like on google calendar and where we could source earnings release dates and other relevant events.

Just thought it could be meaningful as I find it hard to find a good centralized place where I can source earnings release dates + include my nanocaps earnings date in a calendar.


IMHO I don’t think PP should offer such a function. From where should it get the data for this? If you have to manually input the data, you can use Google calendar anyway.

I use sources like Earnings Calendar | Markets Insider and input the relevant data into a Google calendar.

On the other hand, I would find it useful if PP would offer a real calendar view on the already existing data, like buys, sells, dividends, … We got a small glimps of this with the “Annual overview of earnings (dividends and interest) with distributions per month” in version 0.64.0. With DivvyDiary data we also could easily see the coming dividends in the months ahead. @OnkelDok do you hear me!? :wink: