Edit securities data

is there a way to edit the data of a security, for example the symbol and therefore the market, and then have all its historical data updated accordingly (discarding the old, incorrect history)?

My issue is that I’ve initially built all my portfolio and, since at that time I did not find the exact ticker, I’ve used the same security from another market.

Now I would like to correct this without having to reinsert all the portfolio securities and transactions.


If you edit the symbol (and have a quote provider that uses the symbol), then PP should ask you upon saving the security whether to keep the existing prices or replace them with the prices from the new provider.

Otherwise, change the configuration, then right-click on the list of historical prices (the pane below) and choose “Delete All” and the run another online update.

Thank you, I realize that it is indeed an issue related to the impossibility to find the correct ticker on the alternate market.

Do you know where can I find data of italian market (MIlan) and, eventually, how to make PP searching for data in that DB?


For instance, PP does find this ticker “VNGA60.MI”, but it does not download any quote except the last.

Someone can help me in understanding how to solve?


Well, the data are downloaded at Yahoo-Finanz I guess. If so, Yahoo only have one price at their website.

Do you know where can I find a database for italian stock exchange that can be set in PP?