Enter dividends in Year 2

Hi all
I only installed PP in December. I would like to have the dividends that in come in after 31.12.22 entered in the dividends Sum Year 2 and Percentage year 2 columns. How do I make the dividends respect the 31st December as the year end?

PP installed on Arch Linux with an Xfce desktop.

Hey Gray58,

I may not get the point. Dividends gotten in 2022 count for 2022, dividends gotten after that count for after that.
Typically dividends are scheduled to an Ex-date. You can record that date for dividend payments in PP.

Thanks for the answer.
I installed PP on December 23rd. Since then I have entered the dividends (I am very much a dividend focused investor) and they appear in the Sum of Dividends Year 1 column, now that the year end has passed I wanted all the dividends for 2023 to appear in the Sum of Dividends Year 2 column.
I have just made column Sum of Year 2 visible and realised that the Sum of Dividends Year 2 is the Sum of years 1 and 2. What I would prefer is that Sum Year 1 is 2022 and Sum Year 2 is 2023 dividends. Also Dividend % year 1 is 2022 and Dividend % Year 2 is 2023.
Many thanks again.

It might be helpful if you could show a screenshot of the view you are in, what columns there are currently etc. (But probably, you should just go to the Payments view …)

I started investing in July but started PP in December so just took the cash position from when I started and added dividends after that date.

Having looked at the Payments view for Dividends more closely that is probably all that I need as it shows it monthly. Then the Sum of Dividends Year 1 and % Year 1 become irrelevant.

It looks like you are in the wrong analysis. Just go to payments and filter on earnings on the top. There you have an overview over different intervals and different views.

You can select quarterly and yearly as well.

Thanks for the help