Error in Canadian shares


I have created the “Enghouse” share with currency CAD

The problem I have is the calculation to make the application.

It is incorrect because it should be -25 CAD approximately.

What is the reason for this?

I show the screenshots with the information


thank you very much

What do you mean by “application”?

What should be –25 CAD?

Sorry for my english.

Application is the app “Portfolio Perfonmance”

What should be –25 CAD?
In the second image. The value 491,79 should be -25CAD

No, that’s the profit in Euro (your reporting currency). If the current value of the position is EUR 1677,60, and you bought it for EUR 1185,81, that seems right.

It may be possible to add a column with the profit in the currency of the security (not sure though).

Now, it seems that the current value of the position is actually not EUR 1677,60, but less. Did you perhaps manually add an exchange rate for CAD (always a bad idea)?

Yes, when I created the order I added the exchange rate manually EUR/CAD 1.4361

If the problem is that the current value of the position is not 1677.60 €. More or less 1182 € is the correct value

I don’t mean the entry in the buy transaction. Did you add an exchange rate in “Securities”?

If not, check the “Currencies” sections. Are the ECB rates current?

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The problem is that in “Currencies” I had several exchange rates without CAD data.

I have deleted them and now it works correctly.

Thank you very much!