Error when downloading bond data from

starting from 14/05 i have very strange error when i download bond data from investing .com
No similar errors in the past. Same mistakes also when i use the PP app version.

Quite in a random way when i download the data, PP sometimes makes an error considering the quotation:
es. from 94,73
to 94.730,00

On the desktop version it seems solved. I cancelled the day with the wrong data.
But on the app version the mistakes remains.
What could be the problem ?

Though message, are you sure that the data are not already at the sourcing data supplied by ? We had recently similar case in tgr German forum where the sourcing data was already wired.

P.S. 10 days ago ARIVA.DE had the same issues:
Währungsumrechnung von Kursen manchmal falsch - #5 by Helmuth