ETF daily quotes

Hello all,

I have invested in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 (european (UCITS)) ETF but it seems that the quotes are one day behind i.e. today oct 25th they provide the quote of oct 24th but it seems it is the quote of friday oct 21th close. Is there a more up to date source to obtain the previous day close quote?
The reference in my portfolio is XETR with provider : portolio report in the quotation screen

Maybe a problem based on your time-zone?

Hello Thank you for your response.
In fact I don’t think it is a problem of the time zone because the ETF are european ETF’s with ISIN code IE00B5BMR087 and IE00B53SZB19;
So i find it very strange. If you invest in ETF’s what is the source for the daily valuation that you take?

Portfolio Report only knows closing prices from XETRA at 17:30 CEST. If quotes are updated before, only the price from the previous day is available.