ETF facts and stock style


I was wondering if ETF facts like top holdings, sectors, regions can be added to portfolio performance?

For example:

Morningstar stock style should also be added.

Some news or analysis for stocks is also wanted.

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thank you for this wonderful script, i hope it will be added in the base software in the futur. Some remark tho:

pip3 -r requirements.txt this never worked for me always had " -r no such …"

Have to add the WKN not only the ISIN for it to work

Having a deposit account with less than 0€ make the percentage in the country etc view wrong 200 000% like results

And finally is there a way to bypass support that are not ETF i have some crypto and other type of assets that are not listed and it seems to make it crash.

thank you

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Hello @Rafa each time I run the script I have random error like this from different secid :

secid 0P0001LXL9 not found in PortfolioSAL retrieving it from x-ray...

Well, you should ask @fizban rather than me in this case, as he has developed this script.