EUR account with USD stocks

I have a Deposit Account in EUR, I have purchased AMZN in USD (exchange rate 1.1597) but the performance chart does not reflect the EUR gain %… it show a % that I still do not understand… why is that?

Instead, everything works well in the Deposit Account in USD… the performance chart show the correct gain %.

I need to use the Deposit Account in EUR because there is exchange-rate gain the to take in account…

Please help :confused:

Not sure what goes wrong - I might need a sample / or screenshot to better understand.

This is how it is supposed to work:

  • The security (here: Amazon) has USD as currency
  • The deposit account has EUR as currency
  • When you insert the order, you have to provide the exchange rate
  • The performance chart is in the reporting currency (this is the one you select on the “Statement of Assets” view on the top left)
  • If the reporting currency is USD, then performance of Amazon will reflect the quotes because the quotes are also in USD (give or take some fees or dividends in EUR)
  • if the reporting currency is EUR, then the performance chart will show the performance of Amazon in EUR - which means it combines the changes in the quotes with the changes in the exchange rates.

It is currently not possible in the performance chart to show the performance of the security in USD even if the chart is in EUR - therefore it is not easy to separate the changes in the quotes from the change in the exchange rate in one diagram.

Hope that helps…

Thank you Andreas, I guess the problem is the „reporting currency“. I cannot find it on the top-left… please check the screenshot and please tell me where it is :slight_smile:


This option is shown at the upper performance section as far as I know

Sorry… still not finding it. Can you please share a screenshot? Thanks!

Sure and I’ve found via Google the option at the „statement of asset“ which is available at several other reporting categories close to the option, where you usually could influence the reporting period at the upper right [EUR].

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