"Exchange rate of gross value is missing" when importing CSV transactions with currency conversions

I’m importing transactions from a CSV file where the USD currency securities are bought with EUR. Although I include the Exchange Rate in one of my columns, page 2 of the CSV import says that the “Exchange rate of gross value is missing.”

I am having a hard time figuring out what to do. Why is it not recognizing these fields that I can easily edit when adding a “Buy” transaction through the app itself? Am I missing something here?



that is a known issue. There ist a discussion on that in german here:

Maybe you can read it with a translator. But in short there is actually no solution for that via CSV Import. You can only work around manualy via GUI.

I see. Thank you for sharing. I would really like for the CSV import to work some day as it’s able to me the most control. Some brokers don’t have PDF export features and contracting statements can be a nuisance.

Other than that, love the app!