"Exchange rate of gross value is missing" when importing dividends from CSV

Thanks for creating Portfolio Performance. I am still exploring its features, but so far it looks great.

But I have a problem when I try to import historical transactions into my deposit account. Most types of transactions I have tried are successfully imported, but dividends are a problem. I have explained the problem below. Does anybody have a solution for this please?

Here is a brief example of the problem:

I set up a security with currency of GBX . This currency is necessary to allow quotes to be correctly downloaded into my portfolio.

I then created a csv file to test the import of dividend transactions for this security. The contents of my csv file looks like this:
Date,Ticker Symbol,Type,Note,Value

During the import, the final window of the import shows the dividend transaction as an error, with the text crossed through. When I right-click on the transaction in that window, it shows an error message:
„Exchange rate of gross value is missing (transaction currency GBP and security currency GBX)“.

If I add a Transaction Currency of „GBX“ to the transaction in my csv file and then import it, it gives a different error:
„Transaction currency GBX does not match account currency GBP“

I have tried many combinations of fields and values in the csv file but I cannot get it to work properly. I did notice some similar posts about dividends in the forum but they are slightly different problems and none of them were of help to me.

I can manually add the dividend to my deposit account. I tried that and it worked fine. The problem is that I have many years of historical transactions to import (hundreds of transactions) so it will not be practical to manually add all of them. For curiosity, I looked at the xml file after I manually added the dividend, to see if I could find an easy way to add all my dividends directly to the xml file, but there are some elements in the xml that I cannot understand, eg, the uuid and amount. For reference here is the xml for the dividend after I manually created it:

      <security reference="../../../../../securities/security[13]"/>
        <unit type="GROSS_VALUE">
          <amount currency="GBP" amount="3750"/>
          <forex currency="GBX" amount="375000"/>

I would appreciate any help with this problem.

Did you find a way to solve this?

If you export the account where are the manually created dividends are in, how does the target.csv-file looks like? Especially the lines with the dividends?

I experience exactly the same issue as described here. There is no field for exchange rate when a CSV file is imported in account transactions.

Can anybody help?

Exactly the same problem, would great if could just upload the final GBP value irrespective of the currency Gbx, USD etc.

Date, ISIN, Type, Value in GBP

@moderators any chance you can help?

or anyone manage to solve this issue

Guessing no solution yo this?

Hello @Sunesh_Kakad
I have read about this problem several times now. So far I have only read around the PDF import and submitted some pull-requests. I don’t work with the CSV importer myself. So could you provide me with a CSV file? I can’t promise anything, but I will see what can be done.
Is the problem with all conversions only from 1:100 or 100:1 ?

C ya

Hi Nirus,

thanks for coming back to me it all conversion as there now way to put in the exchange rate in the uploader for dividends, teh forum does not support share of CSV so convert to xslx
from_2020-03-10_to_2021-03-08_MTYxNTI4NDQ2MzU3NQ.xlsx (10.4 KB)

I think if we had exchange rate conversion column in importer may fix issue

@Nirus any thoughts?

Hello, I’m sorry,
I just haven’t found the time in the last few days.
@AndreasB , @inv-trad , could you find some time?

@Nirus thanks totally understand Think this solve a problem for lot user who import data via spreadsheet and know for fact some of people are using the software from Trading212 to track portfolios. Too add over 200 dividends manually is just way to time consuming.

Thanks for any help

Hello Nirus,
I am still facing the same problem as Sunesh_Kadad. Have you been able to look into this issue?
Thanks, Gerard

Hello @Sunesh_Kakad and @Gerard

With the new version 0.52.0 of PP:
New: CSV import supports dividends in foreign currency
You can now - finally - import dividends in foreign currency via CSV. To do this, select the currency from the gross amount. Now there is still one small thing missing: Fees and taxes in foreign currency… to come.