Exchange rate USD/HUF is wrong

Hi! I have found a bug or only a problem in PP. I realized this problem during preparing my portfolio so I do another example to try it again.
So the proble is the following:
The PP does not use the exchange rate properly.
I would like to see the statement of assests in HUF but the share which was bought in USD does
not converted to HUF properly because PP does not use adequate exchange rate for USD/HUF as you can see in the attached picture.

Do you have any idea?

I would very appreciate if you share your practice or experience to solve this problem.ű

Best regards,

Normally, USD/HUF should be computed by combining EUR/USD and EUR/HUF, as provided by the ECB. I just tried, and for me, it’s working. Did you do anything specific about HUF, such as adding an exchange rate manually?

Than you for your answer. Yes, I create new exchange rate in „All Securities“ one for EUR/HUF (as a function EURHUF=X)and one for USD/HUF (as a function USDHUF=X). The added functions of exchange rates show the chart correctly from yahoo finance. If I delete these exchange rates from „All Securities“ everything works fine. Finally, is it not recommended to add new exchange rates for exotic currency like HUF?

The ECB provides rates for all currencies of EU member states, including Hungary, plus a number of additional countries (US, India, Japan, Australia, …). PP automatically downloads and uses these by default. There is rarely a need to add exchange rates manually.

The EUR/KRW rate was last updated in 2015. How can I force a reload of the latest currency exchange rate a la quotes update from yahoo?

As far as I am aware, the ECB still includes KRW in their data. Are you behind some kind of firewall that prevents downloading the current file?

I am not. I can see that ~20 currencies are updated as of today (ATS, BEF, DEM, ESP, FIM…) but KRW and many others are not.

PP is using

What is your OS? Maybe you doesn’t have the Root Certificate of the ecb?
See, Währungskurse werden nicht aktualisiert - #15 by AndreasB

Those are former currencies that ceased to exist when the Euro was created. They have fixed values hardwired into PP.

I have upgraded to the latest 50.04 version, and the problem has resolved itself. Thanks the responses.

Still, the currency page shows the last update date is 2015, but the exchange rate is roughly correct.