Export data via API

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice on how to export the data from portfolio-performance.info.
If there are APIs, plugins, or scripts available that can facilitate this process, please provide me with the necessary information and instructions.

I am now looking to export my portfolio’s performance data from portfolio-performance.info for further analysis and integration with other systems. Specifically, I would like to retrieve the following data:

  1. Historical portfolio value or equity curve.
  2. Individual position trades including entry date, exit date, quantity, and realized/unrealized gains/losses.
  3. Performance metrics such as annualized return, volatility, Sharpe ratio, and maximum drawdown.

It is worth understanding the basic analysis built into PP. There is no API but there is an export CSV data icon on the toolbar where it is relevant. It is easy to open the CSV file in a spreadsheet for analysis.

As @flywire said, PP is a desktop application. You can export many views as CSV file (if you want them for further analysis in Excel), you could also export the data as XML (contains everything) or use the Java code to extract/preprocess anything from the data. If you select data in the tables, then it is also copied into the clipboard in a structured way.

If you miss export in a specific view, then let’s see if we can extend that.

Nice feature but it is restricted to a single table row. There is no way to copy the whole table (use export data as csv instead), table header, or multiple rows at the same time.

I think, it’s possible to select multiple rows, copy and paste them, in Windows anyway. The selection can be continuous (click first row, hold SHIFT, then last row) or non-contiguous (hold CTRL and then click the rows). The TAB code is used as separator.

Haven’t found a way to copy the headers.

BTW, I’ve sent you an e-mail concerning the ‘caption’ app on Github.

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Yes, that is working without header as you say. A couple of comments:

  1. Testing in LibreOffice Calc Paste special Use text import dialog and be sure to turn off Delimiter for thousands separator
  2. A new line must be entered manually after record(s) are pasted
  3. Windows copy/paste can be flakey (How to Fix It When Copy and Paste Isn't Working in Windows 10/11), often the easiest workaround is just copy again