Fees on securities


Is it possible to add fees on “securities accounts” as a broker takes a fee from holding our stocks? And if it possible, how can I do it?

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Fees are taken in money, so only from a money account. The transaction can be attributed to a security, though.

If your broker keeps part of your holding, it’s a sell to a money account, followed by a fee taken from said account.

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I cannot, therefore, attribute the fee to the broker. Tt has to be to a security?

So you don’t want the fee to be attributed to the cash account associated with the brokerage account? You could create a dummy security that you only use to book fees on.

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One of my brokers does the same. They take the fees for carrying the security account out of my shares. However, they indicate how many of my shares they sell.

In my opinion the broker has to tell you that value as the amount of shares sold reduces your overall holdings. The overall holding is THE most important figure you or PP need.
Even if they do not tell you you can calculate the shares sold by the difference of two reports. This is more tedious and I still believe the number figure is directly accessible somewhere.

How you book the fees depends on what the fees are for. In case they are for carrying the security account they should not be attributed to a security. In case the fees are for selling or buying shares they should be attributed to a security.

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I understand your points. And that is what I mean. So the fee is not on the security itself, but a fee the brokerage has just for holding the securities, in my name, in my account.

What I want to add on PP is the fee on the holdings (the broker, which is taken out of my debit account - the broker is my bank), not a fee on the securities bought or sold.

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Dear mjunior30,

if it is a genaral fee you should book it to the account.

However, you need to geneate two bookings: a sell of stocks and a fee.

In case you may not know, you book the fee by e.g. right clicking on the account related to the security account. You do not need to select a security in the dialogue box.

In PP you should have an account related to the security accout even if your broker does carry a related account for you.

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