Fees report has fee column empty for fee transactions

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maybe I am doing something wrong, as I was expecting a different result; if it is the case, please let me know.
I recorded the general fees for a deposit account and when I moved under ”Earning an expenses”, and then selecting the tab “Fees”, I realised that the fees that I recorded feed the column “gross value” instead of the one “fees”.

Am I doing anything wrong in recording the transaction or is it something wrong and that could be fixed

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It’s basically the question what you’re expecting. As of now it’s a transaction log, not an allocation report. This is equal with your private bank account statement where you have debts containing fees and sometimes a fee only booking (bank charges).

Intention of this view is to list up all bookings which are taken into account.

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What I meant is that I would have expected the amount (529.95 in the example) under the “Fees” column and not the “Gross Value” one.

It’s the value of the fee transaction.