Fractional shares after reverse stock split

Hi! I’m having a question about reverse stock split registration. Here’s an example:

  • I have 125 stocks
  • There’s a reverse stock split with 1:50 ratio
    When I’m using the “Stock split” functionality from PP it handles everything nicely, but I’m getting 2,5 stocks as the result. In my actual portfolio I have 2 as the result of the split (125 were sold, but only 2 were bought as you can’t have a part of a stock)

What would be the best way to record this in PP to have it matched with the actual portfolio?

Hey voom,

PP can handle partial shares. For now I would leave it as it is and carry 2.5 pcs of your shares. I assume that in the near future your bank will issue a sale of 0.5 shares to you. You would book that sale in PP as well and everything is fine. You have to be compensated for that half share.


Thank you for your reply Harry! Yes, you’re right I’ve got the compensation for the sold shares. I was a bit confused as I tried to enter the data just like it was presented to me by the broker in the following order: sell 125 with old price → report a stock split → buy 2 with new price. But with this I ended with the negative shares balance as it all was registered on the same day.
I will try to follow your advise and register it as: report a stock split → sell 0.5 shares.


That is the best option. With a sell/buy you would have had a different holding period.

If you have not done so yet, try the split in a dummy or copy file. Also I get confused with the options in the split function, and once you decided for adapting the historic quotes it is hard to bring them back.


Your suggestion worked out well! Thanks again!