Freedom24 import

Hi, how to perform an automatic trading data upload from the broker Freedom Finance (platform Freedom24), It provides data in four formats: .pdf, .json, .xls, and .xlm. But I am unable to upload any of the submitted files to PP. Please help, maybe it would be possible to create an automatic .xlm upload, as in the case of Interactive Brokers?

Hey Darelas,

the import of data from pdf document does not work out of the box for every file. The parser in PP for those documents needs to be programmed by the clever programmers in this forum. In order for those volunteers to help you out it is necessary to assist them by providing such documents. As they need the text content of such PDFs they require you to convert the PDFs to text. How that works is described in this thread (I only did find this German version).

At the end of the initial post there is a link to a tutorial “Tutorial zum Extrahieren von Text aus PDF” for extracting text from a pdf. In the post itself it is mentioned how to embed the text in a PP forum post.

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