Gains of shares bought after a particular date


What Filter can I apply in Performance tab or other tab to view the following scenario:

I am buying shares and accumulating. Lets say I want to view only the profit or loss accumulated for share purchases from a certain point in time.
so lets say i am buying shares and till 1st Jan 2022 i have 1000 and i later add 100. Now I want to view only the profit or loss for freshly added shares( 100 ). or maybe i bought 100+50 and need report from the average buy price of these two trades.

This total I want for the portfolio as i have added in many different stocks, so all the Freshly purchased shares at their average entry rate to the current market price.

What i seem to get is the Average gain or loss for the entire holdings. Kindly correct me here if i am wrong.


I don’t think there is such a filter. What do you hope to learn by only considering recently bought shares?

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There are various set of entry rules or exit rules. ( Quite a few, what some people call like trading system )
Lets say i want to scale-in and i am going to do so every 5% while deploying allotted capital for that stint, only reporting over Enitire holding doesn’t give any guidance.
On the other hand, if i know i am -5%, i can quickly scale-in accordingly.

It would really be helpful to apply all the Performance metrics that PP has already developed but instead of Entire holding in that period, only a subset of trades.

I spent a few days exporting data and importing it to MS Excel. It was a very useful exercise to see how the fresh capital was deployed and how it performed to index etc

I would definitely vote for something like this to be shown.