Gettex price updates

Hi Guys!
The tool is great and I would suggest to make it even better.
I have just bought iShares US Treasury Bond ETN on Gettex2 but the app doesn’t support price updates: gettex - the fast and low cost exchange: Gettex

Could you add Gettex2 prices to the available price sources as a new option?
Thanks in advance!

Beside that the gettex website does not parse able content, ᐅ iShares USD Treasury Bond 20 yr UCITS ETF USD (Acc) Historische Kurse | Historische Werte | ARIVA.DE is working perfectly.

Thanks Rafa! I am a bit lost in understanding your comment. How can add as a price source to the app? When I search for the SXRC ticker or A2JKTZ (WKN) the app does not find any result.

You don’t have to go that way. You could also manually create an empty security and fill in the data by yourself (the button below, before you search for a new security).

In the security configuration, you can then select data from website as import source for historical data.

I see! Thanks a lot! I will do this and try to keep the data up to date from Great!