Graph that plots the distribution of funds by security and deposit account

Hi all,

Is it possible to generate a graph that would plot the distribution of funds by security and deposit account? I would like to know something like:

50 % is on Bank A
20 is on Bank B

Thanks for the help

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Hey Balth89,

the only way I can think of is to work with two different securitie names.
But please do not take my idea for granted, I aave not tested it. E.g. I do not know when PP distinguishes securities by name and when by ISIN or so.

On the other hand your suggestion seems to be contrary to the idea of PP. My guess is that PP is specifically helpful to streamline the visibilty of your physical porfolio which may be distributed over several banks or accounts.

I am interested too. Is not posible?

It is only an optional graph. I think is very useful to know if you are diversified on entities.