Historical data for Gettex

Hi to all! I’ve read various posts, even translating with Google, but I’m unable to solve my problem.
I want to know how I can import a complete hystorical data from an ETF on Gettex.
Example: EUNL on Gettex. I’ve tried with ariva.de, but I’m unable to get more than the last month. With Onvista, I’m unable at all.
Someone already solved this?

You can use arriva and download/import the historical data one time per CSV-Import. You can download the CSV on the right site of the arriva page.

Once you have it done, you only need to refresh the data at least one time in a month via opening PP.

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So, you mean:

  1. download and import CSV hystorical data of the ETF
  2. choose the page link of the ETF hystorical data (that will import only the last 30 days)
  3. Portfolio Performance will keep alle the new data?

If so, thanks for the hint.

You know if it’s possible to download JSON from Onvista?

Yes, that is what I man!

You could use JSON as a source but I don’t know if it is possible with OnVista.

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Onvista and JSON → see Historische Kurse von onvista nicht mehr lesbar - #69 by ProgFriese and Historische Kurse von onvista nicht mehr lesbar - #70 by ProgFriese


Maybe my problem could be the translator :sweat_smile: You can give me a full example? like EUNL o Gettex? (EUNL is iShares Core Msci World Acc). And another question.
Why Y5? This is the maximum time allowed? No way to have full data directly?

Why do you insist on having quotes from a pseudo-exchange?

Scalable Capital is now available in Italy and on gettex they have 0 fees for orders >250 €.
If you don’t truat gettex, feel free to give me some hints.

It’s not a question of trust, it’s just that you will find the most accurate or realistic prices on an actual exchange with high liquidity. Whether that’s Xetra or Milan or some other exchange is your choice. Where you do your trading doesn’t matter.

Ah, thanks. I was thinking for other questions. Yes, I’m aware that liquidity is not like Xetra or Milan. Anyway, thanks.

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Hi! Thanks, I’ve read many times and it works fine. The only problem is the data range. Y10 and MAX are not working. But with Y5, I can import the historical data in 2-3 times.

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And a last thing. Portfolio Performance can retrieve real time value from Onvista?