Historical quotes for GBS.PA and PHAU.AS

Relatively new user, loving the tool, but for the love of me I can’t figure out how to get the two in subject to work. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome @SonicReducer,

It would be very useful if you could share more information about the securities. For example, the names. :smiley:

Cheers, Laura

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Both available on Yahoo! using the tickers you use in your title. But there’s a Yahoo! data issue with both from late 2021 onwards in the historical data and chart. Daily chart shows OK.

You could try raising a support case with Yahoo! to see if they can fix (they sometimes do).

I tried Finnhub also. I’ve not used Finnhub before, so I may be doing it wrong. But for GBS the message was that a paid for API key was needed. Perhaps something about this data.

That said, historic data is available here for Wisdom Tree:

There are various listings of GBS available if you search using Gold Bullion Securities.

The “Table from a website” option for historical quotes will work with the FT site, but you only get a month’s data.

You could get hold of the historical data from FT (you can grab a year at a time). and assemble it before importing.

Painful, but possible.

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They were in subject, Laura :wink: thanks

Thanks a lot for this comprehensive reply. You’ve found the issue with Yahoo (both Gold, I thought there might be something I didn’t know) and I have tried raising it there. In the meantime i’ve got the table from website working to have the last month in there. I will try and teach myself assembly and import tomorrow just in case Yahoo doesn’t deliver. Much obliged.

You can just create a spreadsheet and copy and paste the FT prices a year at a time. You’ll need to do a bit of conversion/formatting.

Then save as CSV and import into PP. PP can ignore the original text date column during the import.

The trickiest bit is getting the date from FT.com text. This formula in cell B2 will do that (assuming you paste the dates into column A starting on row 2 - see below).


FT import example

To whom it may concern, here are two Excel “cheats”:

If Excel recognizes “Tuesday, April 02, 2024” as date/time format by chance (I don`t know right now because I am on Linux maschine):
The easiest way is to select the colomn A and simply format the colomn as number. That should give you for today " 44793". If a time is part of the cell, it will give you some decimals as well.
Then reformat the colomn to your preferred date/time format.

Second tip, if Excel is petulant and insists that cells are a text rather than a number (happens always if importing data from a MySQL database): Enter the number 1 in a cell outside of your data range. Copy that cell and then select the colomn which is behaving not as expected. Then choose “Paste special/Multiply”. That helps in 99 out of 100 cases :slight_smile:


Thanks Stuart, Stefan

I was able to download csv data for longer than 12 months for both using a free account on investing.com