Historical Quotes not updating from Yahoo Finance

Hi All

For a few months I’ve been getting the correct response from Yahoo Finance for MEUD.MI, then suddenly on the 24th or 25th March, the Historical Quote got stuck on 195.16 for some unknown reason. The Yahoo Finance page is updating correctly, as is the Latest Quote in PP. The result is that I now have a chart showing no change since the 24th and then a sharp change to get from there to the latest quote all in a single day.
I am using the latest version of PP and have already tried updating manually. As far as I know I didn’t change anything. Any ideas? This is my only security on the MI exchange, so could it be related to that somehow?

Thank you for reading my topic

Hi, for me everything is looking just fine:

Did you already check Help → Error log?

Well, from the technical side, but the data are obviously rubbish (which is not that unusual for Yahoo Finance).

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Sorry, seems my brain was AFK :upside_down_face:

Yes, closing prices from yahoo are completely wrong:

Thanks for confirming what I’m seeing, at least now I know its not something I’m doing wrong

Is there any way to fix it?

Obviously no because you’ll be not able to influence those data which is displayed at a website. However, you could change your sourcing (e.g., MEUD.PA for Paris).

Thank you. I changed to MEUD.PA
Its not 100% accurate because I bought the ETF on the MI exchange, but at least the PA data is working properly