How can I adjust date extracted from JSON as unixtime?

Hello there,

There is this fund (LU1317710371) I couldn’t find any source of for historical values.
The only resource I managed to discover is the assumed asset manager website.
Here, login is not mandatory, but a disclaimer page prevent automatic crawling, and the browser UserAgent value is tested (you’ll get an error 403 if set empty).
So with Firefox I could manually get data on
But if I submit this URL to PP, in the historical value for Table analysis, the server response is error 404 !!! :crazy_face:

If could manually download a CSV for historical values since 19/01/2016 and after proper settings could feed PP with it.
Here is a sample:


Job done! But what about next updates ?
Looking at the source code of the page I fund the URL of an up-to-date JSON table embedded in an html shell of the full history (55kBytes).

Here is a sample:


Then I edited the PP item to retrieve historical values from this JSON, with following settings:

JSON-DATE = $.[*].date
JSON-CLOSE = $.[*].value

It works… But there is a glitch!
As dates are encoded using unixtime at time 00:00.000ms and, maybe due to timezone ambiguity (UTC vs Paris/Berlin) , Monday at 00:00.000 is converted to Sunday !
Obviously the unixtime is GMT+1 in the JSON, but PP think it’s UTC then all dates appear at D-1.

Regarding the last value in the table, “1644793200000” should be converted by PP to “Mon Feb 14 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0100” like with the CSV and not to “Sun Feb 13 2022 23:00:00 GMT+0000”

So finally my question is … the title of this post.
What can I do to automatically adjust at D+1 the result stored by PP in the xml.

Or maybe you know another source that work with this exotic fund to workaround this issue.

I am not completely sure, but does PP not depend on your local TZ? Which should therefore be europe/london

Hello @ProgFriese thanks for reply :wink:

No complication here, I’m French… PP, the asset manager and me are sharing the same TZ, that is GMT+1. It just a shame that the provider didn’t use UTC for encoding the date time stamps.

Knowing the programming language of PP I wonder if we can ever apply a transformation to the JSONpath settings for Code and Date. Maybe an “additional attribute” for setting the TZ would help.