How can I create a custom calculation?

Hi all! I want to create a custom calculation.
Basically, I loaded the “Dividend Amount” as a “Taxonomy” and I want to divide it with the current price of the stock to obtain the RPD%.
Is it possible?

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At the moment, that is not possible. It is not an Excel like spreadsheet…

Not sure I understand that. What means you loaded the dividend amount as a taxonomy?

Thanks Andreas for your reply.
I know that it’s not Excel but should be awesome if we can create our custom calculations because as you can imagine there are some things that people can calculate in different ways.

About the dividend, the thing that I do is the following.
I created in “Setting” a new “Amount Attribute”. Whit this I’m able to load the estimated dividend for the current year for each stock on my portfolio.
Now my ideal solution is to create a calculated column (Estimated dividend / current price of the stock) to obtain the current Yield.
Of course, I can check it directly on Investing or Yahoo Finance but as you know there are a lot of mistakes there and also I want to do my own estimations.

Well, thanks again for your answer and if you know some other way to calculate this I will be glad to hear you!


Maybe the expected return could be estimated and loaded via csv import. The actual payment could be loaded when it is made and the estimated return reversed (ie essentially a budgeting process).