How do I delete filter entries?

Hi @ Portfolio Performance

I have got a bit lost so some help please. The screen shot shows a list of filters I have created. I want to delte some of these filters and some of their listing shown in the screen shot.

Can anyone give me some pointers how to achieve this.

Filters.pdf (69.5 KB)

At the bottom of the List ––> Manage —> afair right click. But it’s mentioned on the screen as well.


Hi Sn1kk3r5

Thanks for your reply. I am still unclear

When I open the filter I want to delete/clear from the list shown in my attachment (with a tick at the side) I have three options, NEW, MANAGE, CLEAR ENTRIES.

CLEAR ENTRIES does nothing and the filter remains in place, MANAGE doesn’t show the filter I want to delete?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help


Hi @Fortified

Display Statement of Assets → top right corner:

Popup will open:


Hope that helps.


Then it is one of the standard/default filters (for each security account and for the combination of each security account and its reference account). You can’t remove those.

Hi @ Sn1kk3r5 + chirlu

Hi Thanks to you both for your assistance.

I am really struggling to understand how the Filter system works.

Please find two attachment. The first screenshot one shows the filters saved on my Port.Perf. The second shows what filters are available using the method described by Sn1kk3r5.

From these you will see that the filters shown by Sn1kk3r5’s method are a significantly smaller number than the ones saved in attachment 1.

Also some of the filters I want to delete cannot be deleted by Sn1kk3r5’s method because they appear not to exist?
Saved Filters 1.pdf (66.6 KB)
Using Your Instructions 2.pdf (41.3 KB)

Any further suggestions/help would be gratefully received


Hi @Fortified,

I’m afraid this is what @chirlu mentioned.
As far as I can tell (your screenies doesn’t show the unflod trueth :slight_smile: )

Your saved Filter pdf shows the standard combination based on your accounts and depots. Those can’t be deleted.