How do you manage usufrut & bare ownership?


First of all, great software, vielen dank. Very intuitive, I was able to add/visualize my portfolio pretty easily.

I do struggle on one topic though: usufrut & bare ownership. I recently bought usufrut, but I’m not sure how to best represent it in PP.

To be more precise, here’s an example:

  • 100 shares, worth $1 each
  • Bought for 20%, so only spent $20 to acquire
  • Dividends are paid on the 100 shares, which I want to track
  • After 5 years, those shares expires (no money going in/out)

How would you achieve this?

Hey Neworld,

you could buy 100 shares for 20 Ct each. You book the dividends as if they were ordinary shares.
You could manually record prices for the shares, e.g. declining by 4 Ct every year, or from now on you record a per share of zero (or very small in case zero is not possible).