How to add manually a transaction / new ticker?

I imported some time ago my portfolio from Degiro.

Today, I added a new stock to my portfolio.

Is there a way to manually add a new ticker/transaction to PP software without importing again the portfolio from the beginning?

Hey makis,

I am not sure if I understood correctly.
Do you want to manually add a stock price for a certain day, or do you want to add a transaction (such as selling, buyingh, delivering)?

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A new transaction (buy) of a new ticker that is not currently part of the imported portfolio.

Hey makis,

that is easy, rick-click on the security you did buy and chose “buy” from the drop dwon box. You can also chose “inbound delivery” or other transactions from there.

I hope this makes sense

Or do you need to create the security fist?

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Hi! I need to create the security first because it is a new ticker that is was not part of the portfolio when I imported it.

How can I create a new security?

In /Securities/All Securities you hit the “plus in a circle” to the top right of your PP window. This opens some options. I recommend going for “new instrument”. With this option you enter the ISIN or similar and can search the database. Fill in all you want on the dialogue box (inlcuding further tabs (especially the “Historical Quotes”)

… and you should have your new security

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amazing thanks a lot! that’s it!