How to add the exchange rate between USD/COP (US dollar to Colombian Pesos)


Currently, I am tracking my portfolio using the program and I have some investments in some emerging markers such as Colombia. I would like to add some stocks that I hold in that country.

So, I would like to add the exchange rate between USD/COP.

Can someone explain to me in detail how to add this exchange rate or any other?

If possible step by step :slight_smile:


You could add custom exchange rates equally as a security. Go to “all securities” section (top left) and at the right side via the plus icon.

You can add custom exchange rates via the menu (with the latest version) or if you go to “All Securities” and click the “plus” button in the top right corner (as @Rafa pointed out):

And then configure the currency pair:

Go to the “Historical Quotes” tab and configure the provider. I am using Yahoo here:

Check that PP has the exchange rates correct, by selecting “currencies” in the sidebar navigation, and the do the test drive with the Currency Converter tab:

Make sure you create the currency pair this way. PP gets only 4 digits after the decimal point for Yahoo prices. Therefore it does not make sense to use COPUSD=X symbol


Thank you so much, it was really useful :slight_smile: