How to change time format?

Hello, I am in the US and it seems with the new update that came out recently the time format has changed to UTC format when trying to input any sort of transaction. Is there anyway to change this back to the original time format where I can dictate AM/PM?


UTC doesn’t mean what you apparently think it means …

Anyway, what locale have you set in Preferences/Language?

Okay, let me clarify then… 24 hour time format…

Java Locale is set to en_US

And what is the locale setting in Preferences/Language, in PP?

It is on Automatic but I’ve changed it to English and neither fix the issue?

Now I’m wondering whether you are using the most recent version of PP. Could you check that?

Yea I updated the app yesterday. I am going to remove and reinstall the app.

Reinstalled the app and still the same issue.

What does the preview of the date/time format show?

OK, so there it’s 12-hour format. But in the dialogues it’s not?

that’s correct!

I’m going to look at this issue…

Any developments or updates? :slight_smile:

There is an open pull request with a fix.
I would say: there is hope :slight_smile:

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Thank you to everyone that contributed to this change :slight_smile:

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