How to delete previous reporting period dates?

Hi PP community! I need to constantly create new dates for my needs. After a while though, these have grown into a huge list:

Is there a way to delete these older dates, which I no longer have a use for? Can I go to any temp folder directory and delete this info from somewhere?

Yes, on the top right in most of the views (where you can also select the reporting period) in the drop-down is the last point “verwalten”/manage (in earlier version of this post “edit”).

In the opening window you can delete them by a right click (and if I am not mistaken select multiple with the control key).

Thank you for your help, that did it! In case anyone else has this problem, in my version of PP it was a label saying “Manage…” and not Edit.

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Great to hear. Yes it was my translation, thank you for your correction (I will correct it also).

Could you in addition mark my post as solution? Then others will faster identify it as such.