How to display the true invested money, by month?


I’d like to be able to follow how much I’ve spent each month buying securities.

Is that possible ? Ideally it could be splitted by security account and/or classes/taxonomy (for example ETF, stocks etc)

What I’m looking for is the real invested capital, not the deposit I can make to my deposit account.

Example : in April, I deposit 2000€ to my security Account A
I use 300€ to buy stock 1 in my security account A
I use 200€ to buy ETF X in my security account A

At the end of April, I’d like to have the total invested (500€) (and if possible other information as mentioned at the beginning of the post, 500 invested with 300 in stock 1 and 200 in etf X etc)

One of the interest of this would be for me to follow the money I actually spend versus a target fixed each month for example (if I follow a DCA strategy)


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On your dashboard you can put a bar-graph displaying amount/number of invested/sold capital:
dashboard → right click → general → something like “trading activity”.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

thanks, it gives some info but there’s no customization available and it’s quite basic

I can’t filter by taxonomy / displays as much info as I’d like to

any other suggestions ?


To my understanding, there is no other way (yet).

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the trading activity is really close to what i’m looking for in fact

it’s just missing the possibility to display in the chart bar the classes / taxonomy and the security account linked

right now I’ve one chart for each security account, but I don’t see the taxonomy / classes of the securities I bought

any dev around here ? would it be possible to add this on the roadmap ??