How to handle expired option

Hello there,

I am having some little issue on how to properly handle options that expired worthless. My initial thought was to sell them for a price of 0 but this seems not possible. What would be a proper way to do that?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Instead of a sell, make an outbound delivery for 0.

Thanks a lot, works perfectly !

Hi, I would have another question regarding my previous one which was about the expiration of options that I brought.

For those, I used Delivery (Outbound) as suggested with a positive share number. However, I was wondering about options that I sold and that expired worthless. I would think that I should use the opposite, Delivery (Inbound), with still a positive share number. However, I cannot do that (the button to save the transaction is grey) but what I can do is a Delivery (Outbound) with a negative share number. This ends up with the proper number of share at the end (zero) but it seems a bit backward to me so I would be happy to have some feedback on that.


PP doesn’t really support selling short. There is a long thread in German about it:

Uh, it’s probably a bug if that works. :astonished: But since there is no “proper” way to do it, well, …