How to import a Logo for a Stock

Love this tool…a fabulous job. I have moved all my investments to this tool.

I am trying to use the feature “Logo” and would appreciate if any one can post an easy method to import the logos for the stocks (mostly from nasdaq) in our portfolios.

KeepassXC does this by using the URL stored in the entry…so I am wondering what could be the method here in this tool.
I tried the manual method, but its cumbersome when we have so many stocks. I tried to translate some german threads but could not really find an easy way to do this.


as far as I know there is no automated way. You have to download the images as pictures (.ico format is accepted by PP) and then use these as logo.
one easy way is to get the favicons (litle icons in your browser tab). for most parts you get these by going to the main page of the company and add /favicon.ico (e.g. If this doesn’t work you can rightclick the page and display the sourcecode then search for “icon” and use the link displayed there.

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HI there,
as written, no automated way. What helped me is to use Google, then go to images and then enter a search string like “square logo name-of-asset”, with that I just filled fairly rapidly a folder with all the icons I needed and then imported them. But it remains to be a work for a rainy weekend. C.

Thank You.
Will try the favicon option

Thanks…good option for a rainy day:)


I use Clearbit Company Logo API which takes a domain name as a parameter :


Sorry for the late reply.
This looks really promising. Is there any way we use this API in the settings section of PP
I tried inserting this link in the Logo attribute, but PP wont allow me to do this.

Would really appreciate if you can share on how we can bring it into PP


Example: Use in a browser, save the logo at a place of your choice, and use the png in PP.