How to represent cash within a securities account?

Hi - I’m new to pp and am trying to use it to track several securities account. In reality… each security account (eg iweb) contains a mixture of securities and cash not yet invested. Previoulsy I used the Morningstar portfolio manager and they have a security named Cash… which I can use to represent the cash invested with that security account but still in cash. This allows me to see my entire investment per account.

Can I do this with PP? I do not see a cash element under All securities?

or do I need multiple cash accounts (1 per security account)

thanks for your help


can I create a security called cash with a value of 1 gbp and use that… or is that not recommended?

An entity has cash accounts for bank(s) and broker(s). Create the account with the balance held in the account at the time.

My dividends are paid into the bank cash account. Periodically, I transfer money between the bank cash account and broker cash accounts buying/selling securities. The PP transactions match the bank/broker accounts.