How to see the IRR chart over time?

Hi, newbie here,

I’ve successfully imported my transactions from IBKR. Over time I was gradually depositing funds to my account, and buying ETFs.

I would like to compare my performance over time with some benchmarks (e.g what if instead of buying various ETFs I would’ve just invested in VT). As far as I understand, I need to see the IRR graph for that.

Unfortunately the “Chart” section doesn’t show the IRR. Instead because of the deposits the graph quickly climbs to 10,000% and above.
When I tried to delete all the deposits, then the graph starts to look like IRR, but at the “Performance” section the IRR is becoming a very very large number.

What am I doing wrong? How can I see the IRR chart?

There is no IRR chart. The performance chart shows TTWROR.

Interesting, just commented on xirr (irr for irregular payments). It’s in that repo in python and if I could sort out the basic call, Libre Calc.

It would be nice to have the IRR chart over time. Would it be a consequent work ? IRR is already calculated in the risk/return section so maybe it won’t be too complicated to have it on the performance chart ?

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