How to track crypto currencies

Hello, i have some minor ETH investmant that i would like to track in Porfolio Performance app. Any ideas how to do this? My idea is to have an account added that i could click, select BUY and it would track daily changes of my crypto. Same as it does for my ETF ( it automatically updates daily unit price )

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you can add your ETH as a security. Just as you do for your ETF.

For the prices you use also the same methods. You can use for example yahoo finance. The required Ticker symbol is then ETH-USD (or ETH-EUR).

weather you add a new crypto depot (in PP) for this or use your existing one depends on your needs and your tracking desires

Some Ethereum on an exchange or your own wallet is exactly the same as any other security. Add a new security, choose the price of any crypto exchange. Right now, there are quote feeds for Kraken, Bitfinex and Binance available. As @SgtWinter mentioned, you can also use Yahoo.

I added a security and bank account for Kraken and also a security account for my hardware wallet. You now can send money to the exchange, buy “shares” of your crypto and move it to your hardware wallet.