How to treat crowdfunding in PP?

How should I include crowdfunding in PP?

My crowdfunding investments look like a normal Deposit Account (loans and interests) but there is one important difference … it’s easy to loose money when a debtor defaults on a loan.

Should I include this type of investment as a Deposit Account and register losses on a principal as Interest Charge? (Fees are only applicable for Securities).

Hi, I tried some things.
One was creating a virtual stock like mintos or grupeer and changing the value of the stock with the value of money I had in the p2p site. Not good because if you add money to the account… the value goes up but is not performance, is adding.
Secondly I tried giving to this stock the value of 1 euro and buying as much stocks as money I had in every moment… Still you cannot track the performance because if you „sell“ some stocks because you withdraw money the calculation is going to false…
At the end, I’m doing deposits/removals and interest when the money moves up and interest charge when down.

Many thanks for the response. I think we’re fully aligned. I’m using the same approach (deposit/removal/interest/interest charge).

Yes… I was trying the trick with stocks to have the TTWOR, etc… in the page of Statement of Assets (Total). Every stock, crypto, gold, etc has the values except the P2P…

I finished with a nice page in performance where I have a complete view of my investments (not real data, random to show the idea…):


I did the same, using the Deposits-account only (Deposit/Interest, etc…), but found that PP is not calculating e.g. XIRR for the positions. I then tried using the Security-accounts in addition (handling it like stock). It then calculates XIRR e.g. but is not the nicest way to register P2P registration in my opinion.

I would like to simulate my P2P. But it is not calculating the exact XIRR as my excel does. Can you take a look at the example and give me an approach on how to do that in PP?

P2P.xlsx (8,9 KB) P2P.xml (10,4 KB)

Thank you very much

How did you make this? Is this from PP or something you created yourself?

Is in PP. You go to Reports -> Performance -> In the right up you click in „New Dashboard“ and put columns and widgets with the information you want.

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@tinotuno Thank you kindly!
Would be great if PP would have the option to add Interest and then being able select a security.
I now create loans and categorize them as „loans“ but when a interest payment arrives I can only select Dividend for that Loan instead of interest.