I don't understand my performance chart vs benchmark

Hey team!

I don’t understand my performance chart and how to read it.

Some info:
Blue line - Degiro (before taxes) is the invested money in the brokerage account.
Red line - The Degiro EU+Degiro is the beforementioned invested brokerage coupled with cash that I keep in the same brokerage account.
Green line - Sp500


  1. I started investing in february 2019 and you can see the clear jump of the red and blue to +20%. Why? I didn’t make +20% of return my first day…

  2. I sold all my portfolio in Feb-March 2020 and started reinvesting in April-March. I understand that that’s why there’s such a difference between Red and blue. Blue dipped to 0% because I liquidated my whole Portfolio?

  3. Looking at the end of the graph - There is no way that I outperformed the sp500 so much. The red line is at +75% and it is just not possible. Overall I invested 20k and I’m +6,5k at the moment. This should be closer to +40%. The blue line on the other hand is at +22% which is too low.

Do you know how to compare my pf?

Thank you

Unfortunately, that’s all difficult to tell without seeing what actually is happening. Perhaps you could show us at least the beginning, i.e. February 2019, where the jump is.

Here’s some more details

The default currency of the software is euro.

I suppose it’s possible, because you bought Electronic Arts immediately before it climbed quite a bit.