IBKR import does not seem to pick up inbound and outbound deliveries


I’ve been playing around with the ibkr importer and it is great especially since it lets me keep separate the different cash accounts. My issue is quite basic and it might be just my inexperience with the tool but hod you get the importer to correctly import inbound shared.

The simplest example would be an ACATS transfer to IBKR or transfer of securities between different IBKR accounts. Think gifting shares for example. I tried to play around with flex queries but the import seemed to not takde it into account.

Any ideas whats the issue ?

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Though, transfer for securities between accounts are extraordinary cases and need to be performed manually.

I think the first part of your message is missing. It’s really very common. Taxwise gifting shares depending on the fiscal residencies for the donor and recipient it can have tax advantages. Also depending on the type of recipient it can create tax write offs or tax credits.

I’d like to also add the IBKR themselves were gifting their stock as a sign on bonus.

Well and classic partial transfers as well which are reallyt common when we’re talking about transfer bonuses.

In my case we’re talking about one to 15 times a year. It seems to me that PP already has tools to identify inbound deliveries which do not come from a buying or selling event. Can’t transfers be considered inbound deliveries in kind or be mapped like in CSV imports do inbound outbound deliveries ?

Vice versa as this is indeed not a transfer as your post indicates.

Please post your PDF Debug of the corresponding account.pdf

Hello Rafa,

Thank you for answering. I would still like to know what you shared with me in the first part of your message. I might be able to clarify some parts.

Uhm I’m not using PDF files at all. Do you want me to transform an XML file into a PDF, if so how ? Also I don’t use DeGiro.


A transfer is applicable between brokers, where you are the owner. To adjust the import interface, the sourcing file (pdf or xml) is required.

I’m not sure there was a first part. Are you assuming it based on the “Though”? Consider that @Rafa is not a native speaker of English (nor am I).

Ah @chirlu and @Rafa, I based it indeed on though. To be completely fair I’m not a native speaker either so I might be the one mistaken. I most certainly misunderstood you.

As I understand transfers are based on two accounts. What about a gift from a third party. Let’s take the simplest example. IBKR which gifts their stock depending on the amount of money transferred.


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