Ignore currency fluctuations

I’m new to PP and I added all my holdings from my broker. I noticed one ETF (MEUD) in Euro was giving me crazy P/L. Upon much trial and error, I realized this is because my base currency is USD, so if I switch to euro, then my earnings match my broker.

I guess this has to do with 2 things: one is obviously displaying euro vs usd, the other is that I bought most positions when the USD/Euro got close to 1:1.

I want to ignore this somehow as I honestly don’t care about these fluctuations as I am not a trader and would rather have a general overview of unrealized P/L based only on the purchase stock price and current quote (I don’t even care about comissions). Is this possible?

You can use Lyxor Core STOXX Europe 600 (DR) - UCITS ETF Acc (MEUS.L) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

In some of the views, you can also add columns that show the positions in the currency of the security (say you have USD as base currency, but show some values in EUR).

Otherwise, I am not sure how to display a list of investment vehicles with USD and EUR without applying the currency exchange rate.