Import currency exchange transactions with CSV


I have spent three evenings with preparing the data, learning the program and it has been a lot of fun. Very useful and good application!

I have been able to test and figure everything else out but I cannot seem to find a way to import currency exchange with CSV. Manually it is really easy to create ta transfer out and in between two cash accounts and I ended up doing it manyally, it was about 50 transactions. Now my partner is very excited about the app and wants her portfolio in there too. The problem is that when it is about accounting, transactions, and statistics then I am the one that does these things to her and it took me hours and hours so I would not want to do it again.

What I figured out was:
With transfers I could make the in and out separately and import then but there are few problems:

  • There is no exchange rate attached
  • The transactions are separate and not connected like the manual transfer is
  • I have not found a way to import all currencies in one go, they have to be imported separately
  • It’s not easy to make connection between two transactions

Is there a way of actually import same kind of transactions like the manual transactions are?

Of course they can just be imported in one go if they are deposits and removals but that would mean that there is no way of making any difference between deposits, removal and currency exchange.